Target outlines plans to win Canadian shoppers back

Global News

TORONTO – After a fumbled launch last year, Target Canada has come to terms with some of the company’s mistakes and is making changes the U.S. retail giant hopes will undo the damage.

Whether it was photos of empty shelves posted by Canadians across social media platforms or prices that were higher in comparison with its U.S. stores, the company says it knows work needs to be done to repair Target’s reputation with Canadians.

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Newly appointed president for Canada, Mark Schindele, said Tuesday that Target Corp. was too ambitious when it launched 124 stores and three distribution centres in Canada over a 12-month period starting in March 2013.

“If I could build a time machine and go back, we would’ve liked to have a slower approach,” Schindele said.

“It was too much in too short a window. Our biggest issue [was] that we…

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