WATCH: UFC champ Jon Jones brawls with opponent at pre-fight press conference

Global News

Under normal circumstances, the headline “Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier engage in wild fight” would make UFC brass very happy.

Unfortunately, those “normal circumstances” involve said fight happening live on Pay-Per-View – and not at a pre-fight media event.

But that’s exactly what happened Monday at the MGM Grand when a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) press conference ended in a wild brawl.

UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier were on hand to promote their upcoming world title fight in Las Vegas on September 27.

The formula for these type of events is simple: following questions from the media, champion and challenger generally pose for a “face-to-face” photo op for the gathered cameras.

It’s tough to determine exactly where the event went off the rails, but Cormier evidently didn’t like Jones’ proximity during their faceoff, forcefully shoving him backwards.

That set off Jones, who responded by lunging back…

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