Target outlines plans to win Canadian shoppers back

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TORONTO – After a fumbled launch last year, Target Canada has come to terms with some of the company’s mistakes and is making changes the U.S. retail giant hopes will undo the damage.

Whether it was photos of empty shelves posted by Canadians across social media platforms or prices that were higher in comparison with its U.S. stores, the company says it knows work needs to be done to repair Target’s reputation with Canadians.

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Newly appointed president for Canada, Mark Schindele, said Tuesday that Target Corp. was too ambitious when it launched 124 stores and three distribution centres in Canada over a 12-month period starting in March 2013.

“If I could build a time machine and go back, we would’ve liked to have a slower approach,” Schindele said.

“It was too much in too short a window. Our biggest issue [was] that we…

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Muslim member of UK government resigns over policies on Gaza

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LONDON – The U.K.’s first female Muslim Cabinet member has resigned in protest of British government policies on Gaza.

Sayeeda Warsi, a Foreign Office minister, says that she wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday saying she could “no longer support” government policy.

Cameron has supported Israel’s right to defend itself and described unprovoked missile attacks as a war crime.

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Warsi has used her Twitter feed in recent days to signal her unease, writing in one message, “Can people stop trying to justify the killing of children. Whatever our politics there can never be justification, surely only regret.”

Warsi was made Conservative Party co-chairman by David Cameron following the 2010 general election, but was moved to the Foreign Office in a move widely regarded as a demotion.

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China to ban all coal use in Beijing by 2020 in anti-pollution effort

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BEIJING – China’s smog-plagued capital has announced plans to ban the use of coal by the end of 2020 as the country fights deadly levels of pollution, especially in major cities.

Beijing’s Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau posted the plan on its website Monday, saying the city would instead prioritize electricity and natural gas for heating.

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The official Xinhua News Agency said coal accounted for a quarter of Beijing’s energy consumption in 2012 and 22 per cent of the fine particles floating in the city’s air. Motor vehicles, industrial production and general dust also contributed to pollution in the 21 million-person city.

Even with the Beijing ban, coal use is expected to soar in China. Coal-fired power and heating is a major generator of greenhouse gases and has helped turn China into the world’s largest emitter of…

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WATCH: UFC champ Jon Jones brawls with opponent at pre-fight press conference

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Under normal circumstances, the headline “Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier engage in wild fight” would make UFC brass very happy.

Unfortunately, those “normal circumstances” involve said fight happening live on Pay-Per-View – and not at a pre-fight media event.

But that’s exactly what happened Monday at the MGM Grand when a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) press conference ended in a wild brawl.

UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier were on hand to promote their upcoming world title fight in Las Vegas on September 27.

The formula for these type of events is simple: following questions from the media, champion and challenger generally pose for a “face-to-face” photo op for the gathered cameras.

It’s tough to determine exactly where the event went off the rails, but Cormier evidently didn’t like Jones’ proximity during their faceoff, forcefully shoving him backwards.

That set off Jones, who responded by lunging back…

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‘Bomb Gaza’ game pulled from Google Play store after outrage

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TORONTO – Google has pulled a game simulating attacks on the Gaza Strip from the Google Play store following public outrage over the app.

The game titled “Bomb Gaza,” developed by PlayFTW, was meant to simulate the ongoing conflict between Israel and militant group Hamas.

The game’s description encouraged users to “drop bombs and avoid killing citizens.” Its maturity rating was set to “low.”

It allowed players to drop bombs from a fighter jet, while dodging missiles from Hamas fighters.

A Screenshot/PlayFTW’s Facebook Page

Google said it removed the app because it violated its policies, but did not specify which one. The game, released on July 29, was removed some time between midday Sunday and early Monday morning.

According to the Google Play developer program policy, apps cannot include content that includes gratuitous violence, bullying, or hate speech.

The app has sparked outrage, with many taking to the developer’s Facebook page

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