WATCH: Boy clings to roof of mother’s car as a family argument gets out of hand

Global News

A heated argument between a mother and her teenage son ended with the boy clinging to the roof of his mother’s car as it sped down the road – and concerned bystanders captured the whole thing on video.

According to witnesses Dustin Lorenzo and Jacob Batton, they first noticed the mother and son engaged in a heated argument outside a Piqua, Ohio movie theatre Monday night.

“She slaps him across the face and tells him to find his own ride home,” Lorenzo told WHIO News in Dayton, Ohio.

According to them, the mother prepared to drive away with another child inside the car.

That’s when the angry teen decided to hitch his own ride home – by jumping on the roof of his mother’s car.

Together with a third friend, Lorenzo and Batton decided to follow the potentially dangerous situation, calling police while recording the entire incident with a cell…

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