Israel-Gaza: Where’s the United States in this mess?

Global News

It’s hard to imagine a Middle East conflict in which U.S. leadership is not front and centre in negotiating an end to hostilities.

But as the unending exchange of missiles between Israel and Hamas continues unabated, American leadership appears missing in action.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s failed ceasefire plan has been openly mocked in the Israeli press and by Israeli politicians.

And President Barack Obama, who endorsed the United Nations Security Council call, on Sunday, for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, has not shown much appetite to intervene further.

Obama only answered a couple of questions after announcing more sanctions against Russia but was already walking away when a reporter asked him to respond to Israeli criticism of Kerry’s ceasefire plan.

WATCH: Kerry responds to intense criticism from Israeli media
[tp_video id=1480163]

That silence seems to suit the Israeli government

One official went so far as to tell…

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