B.C. scientist takes part in simulated 4-month mission to Mars

Global News

VANCOUVER – Okanagan native Ross Lockwood is back on earth after a simulated four month trip to Mars.

Lockwood is a physics PHD candidate and had been living with five other scientists in a Mars Simulator on the slopes of a volcano in Hawaii.

Speaking on BC1, he said the 120 days he spent in the simulator would be just a slice of what a real mission to Mars would look like.

“I think the crew fared really well over the course of our mission,” said Lockwood, “and I think we learned a lot about our psychology in isolation and our ability to work as a team throughout the mission.”

Lockwood said the challenges were wearing a space suit outside in Hawaii, and dealing with things like composting toilets without breaking the simulation experience.

The next step in the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog & Simulation (HI-SEAS) program is to do…

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