Becoming successful in Business is the same as wishing to go Pro . . .

Victory . .   Germany – 2014 World Cup Champions . . .

Your young, middle aged or nearing retirement. Your tired of working pay cheque to pay cheque or for someone else. You’ve always had that dream inside of starting your own business or creating a product and making it big!

Well, if you were to speak to any successful business owner, unless inherited, I highly doubt that they will tell you it was a quick and enjoyable walk in the park to get there.

The same goes with a professional athlete, if you had a chance to speak with your favourite star, they will most likely inform you that it was not an easy path to the top. To reach where they are today, most likely took unlimited hours of training, dedication & heart.

Just as preparing for the majors, the same should be assumed for the business world.  If you are interested in becoming a successful business professional and intend to operate at the highest level, you must be prepared and polished right?

Be prepared, the journey can entail countless hours of dedication, extensive continuing education & intense strategic planning if you wish to endure.  What are your goals & aspirations?  How will you accomplish them?  How will you face potential obstacles or any failures along the road to success?

Jordan quote...

Again the reference to a Pro Athlete, most will start preparing at a very early age. In addition to regular, almost daily training, a top athlete has to be mentally, physically & emotionally prepared to operate at such a high level, the same in my opinion is required for any business entrepreneur.

Most will tell you, the most difficult part isn’t getting there, it’s staying there. You have to expect long hours, fierce competition & the most unappreciated by all ” the variables along the way” For example, unexpected issues with health, family, financial and or mother nature etc.

In addition to living a well-balanced life, if you wish to increase your chances of success, you need to prepare & train for it – just like a professional athlete does. The “jump right-in approach” might work initially, however you need to think long term, the competition will always be fierce & right around the corner.

Prepare, Implement, Revise, Maintain, Succeed, Repeat!

This article was written by Sean Aujla, July 2014.

Check out the following clip from by David Wallace:

Recent studies have shown that 50 percent of small businesses will fail within the first year? How about the fact that a staggering 95 percent will close their doors before they hit their fifth year of operation? That one seems a bit hard to believe but in today’s economy, it could be true. Here are some additional stats that may surprise you:

40% of small businesses are profitable.

30% break even.

30% are continually losing money.

9% have a chance of surviving 10 years.






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